Pamela Quinzi takes over the Mediterranean Sea with her brand Kilame for a spectacular Fashion Show on Amazonia boat in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza meets New York through the Italian art of Pamela Quinzi, an extraordinary Fashion Designer, and entrepreneur. Ph credit:  Photofilmibiza  To have a vision about a brand is one thing, but to go all out, spare no effort and grind each day to turn that vision into a beautiful reality is a different thing altogether….

NYFW 2022 Kilame by Pamela Quinzi Event and Fashion Show.

10 Years of Kilame Collection by Pamela Quinzi. The Cinderella of New York brings back the energy to Manhattan with a big event at Gypsy Rose Bistro showing her latest styles from Melapa Boutique worldwide Shop. Pamela Quinzi well known as ‘The Cinderella of New York’ produced the Kilame NYFW 2022 event and Fashion Show…