Sugar 2.0 & Waves and Runways Partner With A Child’s Dream To Deliver Sweet Surprises To LA Families

This holiday season, Waves & Runways was proud to support Sugar 2.0 at the 10th Annual Holiday Outreach day of gift-giving.

On December 16th, Sugar 2.0 partnered with non-profit organization, A Child’s Dream to distribute 1,000 packages of cookies, water and other goods to families in a surprise flash mob while they were waiting in line to receive their holiday presents.

The flash mob began at 10:30 am, then the gift distribution commenced from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm . Many families were in line as early as 4:00 am without food or water.

“It was a blessing to be a part of this special event and to be able to brighten someone’s day with just a small act of kindness”, says Trong Nguyen, Founder & CEO of Foods 2.0.

Families appreciated their sweet surprises which included M&M chocolate cookies made with Sugar 2.0 , a Shotz Energy Drink, an assortment of holiday lemon drop cookies from the Lemon Drop Cookie Shop / Butterfly Kisses Foundation, Phure Alkaline Water, Clif Bars, Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner, and a reusable grocery bag from Nasoya.

“The smiles on the children’s faces says it all, they loved the cookies and snacks. It was a joy to share the spirit of the season with them” says LA Correspondent, Jessica Ross.

More info about Sugar 2.0 and A Child’s Dream:

About Sugar 2.0 :

The mission of Foods 2.0 is to change the way we eat, starting with sugar reduction. Sugar 2.0 uses real cane sugar, but cuts the quantity in half, replacing it with soluble fiber. The result is a natural sugar alternative that allows consumers to replace regular sugar cup-for-cup, instantly making any recipe healthier while still delivering the sweet taste we know and love.



About A Child’s Dream :

A Child’s Dream-CA (ACDCA) helps to provide resources needed for children to become healthy and responsible citizens in their communities.


ACDCA hosts two Annual 1-Day Outreach Events from 11:00am – 2:00pm at the Culver City Teen Center facility in Culver City, California.


The first is the Back-to-School Outreach held in August where children (K-12) in need are provided with free backpacks (school supplies, personal hygiene products) along with shoes and haircuts.


A second event, the Holiday Outreach held in December is structured the same and includes canned goods, nutritional snacks and holiday gifts included as part of what the children receive.

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