Kilame by Pamela Quinzi Oscars 2018 with Ivan Bitton Style House styling Activist Dolores Huerta

Oscars 2018

Ivan Bitton Style House, the famous showroom in Hollywood were Top Celebrities gets styled for events, editorials and Red Carpets this year made history at the 90th Academy Awards, styling Civil right activist, Icon and President Barack Obama Co founder of biggest movement in USA #sisepuede #yeswecan Dolores Huerta at the Oscars 2018.

Dolores and her daughter Camila Huerta were stunning on the Red Carpet and on stage supporting super star Common in a very emotional moment. Styled by Aaron Gomez and assistant Estephany Gallegos.

Fashion Designer Pamela Quinzi have no words to express how proud she is to see her Kilame designs on such an incredible woman like Dolores Huerta, Pamela just recently dedicated her NYFW show “United for our dreams” focusing on human rights, supporting Mexico and Puerto Rico cause. ‘It’s incredible to have been part of this moment with my fashion, i feel so honored’ says designer Quinzi, Italian that is living and working between New York and Los Angeles.

Oscars 2018. Congratulations to an amazing team of designers from Ivan Bitton Style House: The Royal Paris, Samba Jewelry, Ottaviani official, Eva Mejl, Rouge by Roojamir, Kilame by Pamela Quinzi.







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