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Jessica Ross
As a publicist, licensed real estate agent, wardrobe stylist, and actress, Jessica Ross possesses experience in both the business and entertainment worlds. Jessica developed an interest for public relations and marketing at an early age, and decided to pursue the fields during college where she earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing. As a publicist where she has secured many prominent media placements including Entertainment Tonight, Forbes, TMZ, and TV Guide. Present and former clients include actors, TV shows, CEO’s, fine artists, directors, authors, psychologists, musicians, luxury homes, independent films, and fashion brands.

It goes without saying that fashion provides a platform to push boundaries, express personality, and experiment with different styles. Events and fashion are fast-paced and unpredictable—there’s never a dull moment! Involvement in the fashion industry is the perfect complement to Jessica’s energetic personality.
Keeping busy with multiple pursuits has always proved energizing for Jessica. A full-service red carpet publicity company, petite fashion line, and additional opportunities in TV and film are in the works. Even more importantly Jessica stays busy with raising awareness for animal rights and environmental causes. Jessica has been a vegetarian since college. It was after being inspired by undercover factory farm videos on YouTube that she gave up animal products. She plans on partnering with nonprofits focused on ending animal abuse on factory farms, wildlife trade, puppy mills and animal testing.
Jessica’s advice to anyone pursuing a career in entertainment is to have a plan, don’t expect your first job to be your dream job, and never give up – it takes most people many years to become an overnight success. Jessica is excited to be living the dream and helping others succeed with theirs.

Jessica is also the Los Angeles Correspondent of Livein Style Magazine, a luxury Italian magazine about fashion, lifestyle and travels. She was recently seen on TVShow Fashion Dolls on Fashion1 TV worldwide. Follow Jessica and her amazing lifestyle.

Cover Photo: Stephen Shadrach

Wearing Kilame Shoes and Roberto Perziano jewelry hand made.
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