Water In Venice Canals Goes Crystal Clear After Coronavirus Lockdown

In Italy scientists and researchers agree on the spotted significant decrease in NO2 levels above the country. So, as the streets are emptier, the air becomes clearer and the muddy waters have cleared up to reveal the life that lives in the canals of Venice but couldn’t be seen as clearly before. As the global pandemic continues threatening the world, it has also brought some unexpected, but positive, side effects. Venice—one of the main tourist attractions in Italy—is usually swarmed with people all throughout the year. However, right now, as the entire country is under lockdown, the city has become completely empty, with only pigeons walking the deserted sidewalks and town squares. Venice has already suffered enough from over-tourism, sinking foundations, and floods. Therefore, now seems like the perfect time to let the city ‘breathe.’

For more info visits @veneziapulita or @veneziadavivere


Image credits: barnyz


Image credits: Marco Capovilla


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