Hollywood Unexpected Premieres on the XOTV Network 


Hollywood Unexpected with Jessica Ross is an Award-winning reality show that follows the journey of actress Jessica Ross into her exciting, interesting, and often dramatic life, which centers around Hollywood and what happens behind the scenes. It reveals the ambitions , the disappointments, the ups and downs of what people of every age may be experiencing. 

Going to auditions, walking down red carpets, and being invited to the best parties in town . Things are moving along, working on different projects then slowly but surely life changed for everyone. A PANDEMIC!!! 

The inspiration for “Hollywood Unexpected” began when Jessica Ross was surprised with a trip to Virginia to visit friends after having one of the most stressful years ever. Anticipating to enjoy a relaxing vacation away from the city, it instead turns out to become an adventure of a lifetime. 

Filmed throughout Los Angeles with the first several episodes taking place in Virginia, a special preview episode of “Hollywood Unexpected” was presented with the award for best comedy and received an honorable mention for the highest rated audience award at the iHollywood Film Festival.

Jessica has been intertwined with the entertainment industry for over 10 years starring in reality tv shows and appearing in successful indie films, shares insight on what to look ahead to.

“There is so much off camera that people don’t see, viewers will get a glimpse of what goes on at red carpet events, daily life, auditions, and be exposed to what the industry is really like. Like for so many, things drastically changed after 2020. When I was surprised with a trip to Virginia and experienced the lifestyle there, it was so much different than what I am used to, and truly one of my most memorable experiences. I can’t wait to share Hollywood Unexpected”.

With music by producer Dito Godwin and Jon Udell, cast members include Penn and Teller’s Wes Iseli , former supermodel Ronnie Carol, Malibu Crush star James Pratt, red carpet flashbacks from Bai Ling, Patty Stranger and MTV’s Farrah Abraham, as well as appearances from her friends and colleagues. 

“Hollywood Unexpected” is relatable to anyone that’s going through life and pursuing their goals. In “Hollywood Unexpected” Jessica shares the laughter, the feelings, and the tears, from what we have all experienced since the pandemic, as well as what we will face in the future separately and together. 

Tune in to Hollywood Unexpected April 21st on the XOTV Network at https://xotv.me/channels/535-hollywood-unexpected  The show can be seen online and on selected channels on Smart TVs.

Follow Jessica at instagram.com/Jessicarossofficial 

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 25: Jessica Ross is seen during the Society Of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards held at Loews Hollywood Hotel on February 25, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

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