New Cover Wavesandrunways  November 2017 Amazing International Top Model Kira Dikhtyar

New Cover of Wavesandrunways for the month of November 2017 Special International Fashion! Featuring amazing Top Model Kira Dikhtyar in a photoshoot by photographer Dylan Tatem Gordon DMAX Photo, Stylist Aaron Gomez, Wardrobes by Celebrities Ivan Bitton Style House in Hollywood, Shoes Kilame, Hair/Mua Adhayglam. Photoshoot in collaboration with Livein-Style Magazine. Pamela Quinzi Owner/Editor Wavesandrunways

Sparkle for Haiti Charity Event by Les Couleurs

“Sparkle for Haiti”, Black Tie Charity event organized by Les Couleurs Charity’s founder, Aura Copeland, model and shoes designer, the board members, Anita Covic, one of the guest’s honorees, as well as its other ambassadors took place on September 16th, at a private event’s venue on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at the end of New York Fashion Week….