Sparkle for Haiti Charity Event by Les Couleurs


“Sparkle for Haiti”, Black Tie Charity event organized by Les Couleurs Charity’s founder, Aura Copeland, model and shoes designer, the board members, Anita Covic, one of the guest’s honorees, as well as its other ambassadors took place on September 16th, at a private event’s venue on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at the end of New York Fashion Week.

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Aura Copeland, James Goldstein, Kira Dikhtyar, Pamela Quinzi, Antoine Verglas

The gentlemen were wearing their black tie or black suits and the ladies dress in anything sparkling. The theme “sparkle” was aimed to emphasize the need for better educational opportunities for Haitian Orphanages.

Currently, there are 300 children in 17 orphanages in Port-au-Prince, Haiti enrolled into CREATE, which is an arts, design, dance and musical program unambiguously designed to provide the most helpless children in the community a better set of cognitive skills and opportunities.

The impressive crowd supporting the event could sense the positive energy and cheerfulness in the room as the numerous models and celebrities passed by.

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Aura Copeland, Antoine Verglas & Anita Covic

The guests of honor included:

Antoine Verglas (fashion photographer), James Goldstein, Lina Maya, Miss Dominican Republic Candida Lara, Anita Covic (VP for business development, EngoPlanet) and Miss Africa Nereida Lobo.

Some of the other notable names include: Annastasia McFadden (model), model and Russian TV personality Kira Dikhtyar, model/actress Debora Mace, Jess Ambro (private chef), and Laurent Lamothe (the Ex-Prime Minister of Haiti.)

R&B singer DuJuan (Prince’s backup for 17 years) also gave a captivating live performance to add to the enthusiasm in the room.

Wavesandrunways and Livein Magazine with Celebrities Fashion designer, editor Pamela Quinzi joined the event donating a clutch from her Kilame Collection to the great cause, together with amazing sponsors such Chris Barreto designer.

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Pamela Quinzi

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Anita Covic, Aura Copeland, Miss Earth Andreia Gibau

“When I was approached by Aura to join this noble quest in order to enable better life for the children of Haiti, I was beyond impressed by the amount of the passion and love she shares towards these children. We spoke about her Haiti experience and she depicted the most vivid picture full of love and contradictory motives such as: beauty and poverty, laughter and tears, richness of the spirit and hunger in their stomachs, but most importantly she told me about the sadness she experienced by discovering the huge amount of the captivated creativity and unleashed potential of those children who could give so much to the world by they just never got a chance”, said Anita Covic, Guest of Honor.

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Aura Copeland, James Goldstein, Kira Dikhtyar

Les Couleurs is an admirable charity which gives 100% of their donations towards the arts education program CREATE in Haiti. The primary goals of Les Couleurs Charity is to inspire, educate and empower children’s overall cognitive development. Children who come from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds and have very few educational opportunities to thrive. The mission of Create Program is to give children the tools to unleash their wonderful creative energy, make them feel empowered and appreciated, and teach their skills that may potentially create artistic opportunities or careers for them.

To learn more about Les Couleurs Charity or to donate to their mission go to  for more information.


Pamela Quinzi Editor

Photo Daniel Sanchez




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