Southern California native, Adam Franzino is one of fashion’s rising photographers. Upon moving to New York in 2005 to pursue his photography career, he began working with some of the industry’s leading photographers. Since striking out on his own, he has expanded his scope to directing various film projects for clients such as Victoria’s Secret, Esquire, Guesses Jeans, International editions of Harper’s BAZAAR and Vogue.

While fashion photography is Adam’s first love, he is also dedicated to humanitarianism. He has worked with Donna Karan and President Clinton on “Hope for Haiti,” a project that showcases local Haitian artists in order to improve their living and working conditions.



It’s been launched in Los Angeles Adam Franzino’s MUSES, a fine art photography exhibition, a series of iconic portraits of his muses, For “MUSES”, the artist captures poignant and empowering portrayals of some of the world’s most celebrated models like Martha Hunt: “I first met Adam through friends actually, a year after I moved to New York!  I knew he was passionate about his work.  Our first time working together was a test shoot, and I knew he was destined to be great. Adam always utilizes our time together to create work that inspires us.  He is confident when he has the shot on a job, and wont overshoot the model, which I respect.  Models can get burned out that way.  Sometimes we want to shoot work that inspires us so we will find a chunk of time after our job is finished, and shoot personal work for us.  I love that he wants to push me to get raw editorial images. Ive worked with Adam for the past decade, and every time we create something completely different.  Its an honor to a part of his evolving scope of work! Adams images are timeless like they could have been shot yesterday, or many years ago.  His effortless aesthetic transcends time”.


The subject of his work also the supermodel Jasmine Tookes: “I met Adam so long ago and Ive always really enjoyed working with him.  Being a model its always a little tricky to connect with photographers.  Since day 1, he has always made it super easy & most of all, fun! I think what differentiates Adams work from other photographers is the realness, and that’s not just in the photos but also behind the scenes. Whenever we shoot there is such a great vibe on set & that really shows through the images. Whenever I see one of Adams images, specifically of myself. It makes me feel beautiful.  One thing that stands out to me with Adams photography is the lighting.  Might sound crazy, but some photographers still dont know how to light me correctly. Adam hits it on the nail every single time, creating radiant & classic images.


What inspired you to create Muses?

I’m so lucky to work with some of the most beautiful women in the world and travel to some of the most amazing locations in the world, it was a no brainer. I wanted to create images that the girls and I could walk away with both feeling proud now and in 20-30 years”.

How is your fine art approach to photography different than your fashion photography? 

I’m not sure that it really is. The only difference is Im not shooting for a client to sell anything. I still come at it the same way. I let the light dictate the locations, I still treat everyone and the situation the same. I just get to do what I want without the pressure of delivering a final product to a client”. 

What is your favorite part of creating fine art?

The freedom. What most people dont realize is even when shooting for publications like Vogue and Harpers there are advertisers and looks that must be shot. Although there is still quite a bit of freedom there are still rules and when shooting for yourself its complete freedom.

How do you select your Models/Muses?

Usually its a connection on a personal level. All these girls and I trust each other tremendously, you have too. They are being photographed nude in their most vulnerable state trusting I will make them look good. It comes with years of relationships as well as new ones as sometimes two people just click”. 

What do you hope to achieve in entering into the fine arts space?

I hope to be recognized on a non-commercial level. There are so many amazing photographers out there that have inspired me, Im grateful to have the opportunity to showcase some

Of my work. What bigger compliment then someone wanting to hang your work in their home.  Want to hang it because it brings them some sort of emotion. I think thats what the objective is when photographers are taking pictures, to create some sort of feeling in their work”.  

What do you want people to take away from this exhibition?

I hope That I can make a woman and a man think the same thing when looking at one of my Images. Im proud that more woman follows me on social media than men. I respect woman and it seems as though women understand that when looking at my work.  I want people to leave wanting to see more of my work. I hope to make a lasting impression in peoples minds and continue to create and produce work that people want to come to see”. 

Federica Volpe 



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