Naughty Girl Clothing Launch Party

Waves & Runways celebrated the first weekend of spring at the launch of Naughty Girl Clothing. Held at an estate in Los Feliz, the lavish party was an affair of fashion, pampering, and fun. Over 100 influencers spent the dazzling day being treated to mimosas, beauty touch-ups, a flower station, ice cream treats, massages, a perfume station, a preview of the Naughty Girl clothing line, and a red carpet worthy photobooth. Everyone was able to preserve their memories in print with Polaroid pictures.


Whether you’re shopping for date night, a special event or just because the Naughty Girl Shop has just what you need to stand out from the rest. I cannot wait to wear the designs on the red carpet!

Sienna Sinclaire created the Naughty Girl Shop to inspire women to dress up and build confidence. Check out my interview with her below and find your inner Naughty Girl at .

What motivated you to create your online boutique, the Naughty Girl Shop?

Sienna Sinclaire: “ I run monthly parties here in LA for my group Naughty Los Angeles.

Every event is themed and my guests are always looking for costume ideas to look their best. So the idea came up to help them find something for my next event by selling sexy options online.

Plus I travel the world and I’m always looking for sexy, comfortable clothing for traveling, sightseeing during the day, clubbing at night to poolside.

People have always loved my style from the costumes I wear to my Naughty Parties to pictures I post on my social media accounts. So it only made sense to expand my growing brand.”


Sienna Sinclaire

Your launch party in Los Feliz was a huge success! How did you go about planning it?

Sienna Sinclaire: “Thanks so much! It was more of a success than I had expected!

It was two months of planning. Hosting parties is something I do on a monthly basis so was easy for me.

But I’m used to hosting naughty parties, so needed to come up with amazing ideas where people keep their clothes on but still have a good time…lol!

Whenever I plan a party, I take into account the guests I’ll be entertaining and that helps me to come up with ideas.

For this one, it was all about female bloggers, Instagram girls, and media. So I needed to create that WOW factor along with making areas around my house to take amazing photos and videos for posting.

Plus I’m a host that believes in guests entertaining themselves, by having different stations around the venue. This helps guests to really feel they are a part of the event.

I wanted everyone to be entertained for hours and they were.

I had photo booths around my house with mini Polaroid cameras and guests were given photo albums when they arrived so they could take the memories home with them.

Everyone was entertained with roaming performances and fashion shows.

People could make their own mimosas, perfume bottles, flower bouquets, photo albums to shopping.

We had free massages, mini champagne bottles, appetizers, and popsicles.

I design parties where people can constantly entertain themselves around every corner.

It’s not enough to just host a party anymore…guests must be entertained!”


Jessica Ross and Raquel Figlo


Jessica Ross

Describe your ideal weekend in LA.

Sienna Sinclaire: “An ideal week for me in LA would be to sleep all week and do nothing because I’m so busy with work and traveling nonstop.

So right now not possible.

I live in both LA and San Francisco. I’m one week here and one week in SF and so on.

Or I’m off traveling around the world.

I’ve been traveling non-stop for the past 3 months so I’ve been in LA a total of 2 weeks this year and 2 weeks in SF.

Along with planning my launch parties, monthly photo shoots for my clothing line whether in another country or here in LA, and getting my website ready for launching.

It has been non-stop this year, but honestly, I love it or else I wouldn’t do it.

So it’s fine that I don’t have my ideal week in LA of only sleeping all week.”

What is your advice would you give to someone just starting out in fashion?

Sienna Sinclaire: “Make sure you have the drive to see it all through. It can seem really exciting but boy is it a lot of work.

I’ve always worked for myself…over 20 years now.

Being a business owner isn’t for everyone.

It’s not just for fashion but for any business, you start.

Getting the designs, clothes, business licenses, putting up your website…that’s the easy part…the real work starts when your website launches and it comes to selling and actually making money.

It’s 24/7! So just make sure you’re really ready for what’s ahead.”

What do you love most about being a female entrepreneur?

Sienna  Sinclaire: “I’m my own boss and I don’t live by anyone’s rules but my own!

I started my first business when I was 4 years old along with many others throughout the years.

I always knew I’d work for myself, and I have.

I don’t know any other way.”

Photos by Allison Carol Creatives.

Wearing jewelry by LA Lloyd Designs

Thank you, Raquel Figlo for the invite!

Article by Jessica Ross


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