The L.A. Rams, Celebrities, and Elected Officials take strides to help end homelessness at the 12th Annual HomeWalk

On May 18th, the L.A  Rams, celebrities, and elected officials joined over 10,000 people for the 12th Annual Homewalk in Downtown Los Angeles. The 5K family walk/run is the largest public event to end homelessness in America.


L.A. Rams coach Sean McVay, the team’s cheerleaders, Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Jon Huertas from NBC’s “This is Us,” and actor Cameron Boyce took part in the opening ceremony. Rams Defensive tackle Aaron Donald, offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth and punter Johnny Hekker participated in the walk.

Ms.Pacific Coast America Terri McDonald not only volunteered to help with registration, she also walked the entire 5K as an Ambassador for Share Hope USA. Every year, Share Hope USA picks a 5K to support and this year they chose the HomeWalk. Terri has always been passionate about helping the homeless and was gratified to support such an important cause.


“It is an amazing and meaningful experience that I personally feel everyone should try to
be part of at least once in their lifetime. Whether it’s helping the homeless or just getting involved in some kind of good deed. I choose to help the homeless and Mental Health Population because it has become a huge issue in the city of Los Angeles.”
IMG_2426 (1)

When you see the conditions that the poor & homeless people live in, you will come to understand how lucky and fortunate you truly are to be able to live in a proper house. Even if you’re just renting a room and can’t afford a house yet, it is still much better than having to collect recycled bottles to make a living during the day and scavenge for a piece of used cardboard at the end of the day so it can become your bed at night. And what about all this rainy weather we have been so fortunate to get. They say it never rains in California and always warm well that hasn’t been the case this winter. We have had some of the worse rainstorms and freezing cold weather. Where do the homeless go? Do we lay in our beds thinking about them? Probably not because we have our own lives.  We all have our own problems and struggles in life. But when you find out the troubles the poor and homeless face every single day, you’ll suddenly realize how trivial and insignificant our problems are compared to theirs. You’ll also realize that people can fall from the elite and wealthy to the poor and homeless sometimes. Everyone has a story, people in today’s society tend to be judgemental. Instead take the time to listen to people, hear them. You might even be surprised”, she says.


HomeWalk is part of United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ Everyone In Campaign, which seeks to end homelessness across Los Angeles County by providing services to those needing it most and helping provide people experiencing long-term homelessness with short-term and permanent housing solutions.

During its 11-year history, HomeWalk has successfully mobilized more than 100,000 people and raised $8.6 million in funding, which directly funded permanent supportive housing for L.A. County’s most vulnerable neighbors.

Follow Terri McDonald at and Share Hope USA at


Pamela Quinzi


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