Once Upon a Runway ‘A toy story’. Charity event at FAO Schwarz.

NEW YORK CITY, New York – Driven by homeland inspiration, celebrity entrepreneurs Alexander Harris and RaQuel of Kiss the Monkeys and Kiss the Mermaids (KTM) aims to bring fashion to charity.

Bringing an exclusive Once Upon A Runway {A TOY STORY} “EXPERIENTIAL EVENT” to appeal to the members of this philanthropic group of celebrities, entrepreneurs, socialites, entertainers, and influencers. The Once Upon a Runway {A Toy Story} NYC fashion runway KTM event venue is sponsored by New York’s most famous toy store featured in the movies Big and Home Alone 2, FAO Schwarz and will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Center, this renowned hospital treats the toughest childhood cancers and pediatric diseases.


This year, the fashion and beauty industries will move towards even greater change as this experiential event offered by KTM in conjunction with diverse individuals and industries ties in with the reason for the comeback of FAO Schwarz. On January 16, 2020, FAO is shutting its doors early for a red carpet private shopping experience including a fashion runway presentation and music performances.


KTM Event in Los Angeles, designer Kiki Wang

KTM celebrates beauty in diversity and has featured models with autism and craniofacial disorders. The Once Upon A Runway will be featuring models with disabilities who are challenging the fashion industry’s standard of beauty by not shying away from their natural beauty and innate talents.

While brick and mortar retail shops like FAO are continuously closing, this trend is now what brings bodies into the stores. You can’t get that online. This extravagant event will be hosted by his highness, Prince Mario-Max De Schaumburg Lippe and Jennifer Murphy.


KTM Event in Los Angeles with Alex Harris, Mario Lopez, RaQuel, Prince Mario-Max De Schaumburg Lippe.

There will be several notable modern fashion, including varieties of vegan fashion. The Headline Designer and co-producer of Once Upon a Runway event will be Prashant Goyal of Heritage India Fashions. Other featured designers include Pamela Quinzi (Cinderella Of New York) for Kilame Collection, Vila Beauty Resources, and Teresa Costa Collections. Other event partners include Assuaged, Do-A-Dollar, and RAS International. Various celebrity models flying in from different corners of the continent to support St, Jude’s. A great Bollywood presence will be there because of heritage India fashion and Meera Gandhi who will be the recipient of “The Evolutionist Award” for her philanthropic efforts. The event will be live-streamed by B4U TV and ET I Times Now.


Alex Harris, Raquel, Pamela Quinzi

KTM is an award-winning organization recognized by The United Nations and the founders, RaQuel Sanchez and Alexander Harris have also received the Presidential award. Their events draw mass media appeal. You will want to follow KTM Event’s Facebook Event Page to get the latest updates as invited celebrities are announced.
There will be an after-party at a nearby luxury hotel (TBA), where they will be closing their restaurant for VIPs and other guests that could not get into the exclusive FAO Schwarz event because of limited capacity.


KTM Event in Los Angeles, designer Kiki Wang

We understand with the advent of smartphones and social media we need to find evolutionary ways to relate to one another face-to-face. We do that through our events using those platforms to build trust and community. KTM’s hashtag is #jointheevolution because we wanted 3 words to say “welcome to our network of ever-progressive humans.” Quote by Co-founder RaQuel Sanchez.


KTM Event in Los Angeles, designer Luchy Manjarres Cohen



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