The First Big Shot. Rocio de la Grana.


Rocio de la Grana is an Argentinian artist who came to Los Angeles in 2017 to move forward with her acting career. It is growing faster than she would have imagined so let’s have a chat with her!

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What brought you to Los Angeles to learn acting?

Once I finished my studies in Argentina it was hard for me to get a job so I wasn’t comfortable in that position of my life. I always wanted to come here to pursue my career so it was a perfect timing to step out of my comfort zone and move to LA.

What was the most difficult thing for you to leave back home?

Family and friends, definitely. I miss them everyday, even more when I’m not there for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, etc. But on the other hand I’m living the life I always wanted to have here. Sometimes you need to sacrifice things, even your loved ones.

Born and raised in Argentina, what did you bring from your culture into this career?

The fact that I adapt myself to any unpredictable circumstance or place maybe. I think we are a friendly culture and my family always taught me that there’s a solution to any problem so I go with it and it’s being pretty helpful so far.


What projects did you work on before you decided to come in California?

I did some short films while I was studying in Buenos Aires. But once I graduated I move to LA so I didn’t really have the chance to explore the industry there. Even though I’d love to do it one day.

Now tell me a little bit more about your lead role in The Game Master. How did you start working on this amazing project?

The whole process was an incredible experience. From the audition, then callbacks and shooting. I got the audition because I was recommended to the producers and they called me. I accepted to audition right away because I loved the story and I sympathized with my character, Alyssa, who is kidnapped for sex trafficking. There’s a lot of fighting scenes, action, emotional moments. It has a little bit of everything. Such an interesting and exciting project to be part of!


How do you feel that it will be turned into a feature film?

This’s the most exciting thing for me right now. I loved working with every single person who was part of the short version and now we’re working together again and play this game even harder! We are all very committed to this amazing project. I can’t wait to see what’s coming with it, it’ll be a life changing experience.

What do you see for your future after this role, any other exciting project you can tell us about?

So far I have offers, I need to sit with each team and talk about schedule times and stuff, but I’m really excited and looking forward to seeing how 2020 surprises me!



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